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Division of Transplant Surgery
Division of Transplant Surgery

St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital Center is proud of its Kidney Transplant Program. SLR has a rich historic background and has been home to many of the advances ion Kidney transplantation over the years. Numerous innovations have has their home here including major advances in the preservation of Deceased Donor kidneys. We were pioneers in offering discrete service teams for living donors and recipients.

The program is on the leading edge of numerous advances in Renal Transplantation and offers a full complement of service. We have been proud to distinguish ourselves among many fine programs gaining a reputation among patients and professionals for individual patient service. At St. Luke’s Roosevelt, we believe that each patient deserves to be treated not as a “number” but as the unique person that he/she is. Each patient is taken under the wing of one of the clinical transplant coordinators who is available to guide the prospective kidney recipient through the maze of the transplant process. Along the way, we provide individual one on one service that includes our Financial Coordinator, who will be able to answer important questions about insurance coverage for hospital service as well as for immunosuppressive medications. Psychosocial support is provided for each patient without exception by our experienced Transplant Social Worker and on-site consultative support from an array of medical specialties.

We are proud to be able to offer a full array of service to patients who have been frustrated by the complexities of the Transplant Process. Unlike other programs where patients can be lost in a confusing system that provides service for a multitude of organ failure problems, we provide specialized service and focus to patients interested in obtaining a kidney transplant only. We specialize in obtaining kidneys for renal failure patients who are difficult to match or who have an acceptable but incompatible donor (donor swaps). We strive to provide physical and psychological comfort in our modern self-contained facility located on the Morningside Campus.

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